Our Fees


If you have had an accident part of the costs may be paid by ACC, and you will be responsible for paying us the balance (called a co-payment or surcharge). 

You can fill in the claim form with an Osteopath at our clinic or if you have already seen someone else about your problem, and they have initiated the claim, please bring these claim details with you (ACC45 number, date of accident and diagnosis codes).

Text and Email reminders are sent out the day before your appointment. We are a busy practice with a waiting list and for this reason, missed appointments with no prior warning will be charged.

Jim - Osteopath

Private: 45/30 Mins – $110 / $80 

ACC:      45/30 Mins – $65 / $45

Fees are GST Inclusive

Liz - Osteopath

All appointments are 45 minutes
Private: $100
ACC:  $60

Andre - Osteopath

All appointments are up to 60 minutes
Private: $110
ACC: $60

Kim - Acupuncturist

Private: – Initial and Follow up are 60 mins $70

ACC: Initial 60 mins $20 / Follow up 45 mins $15

FOR ACC ACUPUNCTURE FEES TO APPLY : You will need to have an ACC45 number prior to attending. 

Cupping: 45 mins $50


Online Booking

We do not have a receptionist but recommend you book here, or you can phone, we use an excellent office service who will make your booking for you.

Call us

If you have a question you can either phone the answering service who will pass the message on to us. Someone will then phone you back. Or you can email us directly via the contact us part on this site.