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Alf Russell - Osteopath

BSc (Hons) Ost

Osteopathy is a holistic non-invasive therapy which works well throughout all stages of life, from the newborn to the elderly.

Alf studied Osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy in central London, qualifying with a BSc (Hons) Ost. in 1998.

Early in 1999 he emigrated to New Zealand with his wife and two boys, settling and building his own practice in Nelson.

Alf treats all types of complaints, injuries and disorders. Alf uses a variety of techniques, all gentle work with little or no manipulations. He uses muscle energy techniques, visceral, functional and massage work as well as Biodynamic Craniosacral work. He will also use energy work or chakra work to compliment the osteopathic treatment to give the most effective form of treatment for clients who prefer this modality.

Posture and alignment of our bodies is very important and Alf spends time rectifying some of today’s problems with posture as this is critical to the effective functioning of all body systems.

Alf will refer to other health professionals like acupuncture, physiotherapy, pilates, yoga etc where necessary and will also refer people for x-rays and ultrasounds and onto GPs and Orthopaedic surgeons when required.

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Liz Stroud - Osteopath

BSc (Hons) Ost

Liz Stroud Graduated in 2003 from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford with a BSc Degree in Osteopathy.

In 2006 she moved to Nelson and soon built a busy practice.

With a fascination for understanding the whole picture. Liz looks for the predisposing or maintaining factors that may be inhibiting form and function in the body of the individual.

Liz draws from and combines a wide range of gentle hands on Osteopathic tools from massage, mobilisation, balance ligament tension techniques to Cranial Osteopathy. This aims at optimising body mechanics and improving health with little or no joint manipulation. Choosing the right tool at the right time for the right person is what adds colour to her day and Liz enjoys treating all ages from new born to the elderly.

As a Pilates instructor Liz likes to prescribe the appropriate stretches and strengthening exercises to help educate and maintain a healthy body.

Liz is an Active mother of two gorgeous daughters and enjoys Pilates, tramping, running, MTB, multisport and adventure racing, art, crafts, building, renovating, gardening and is looking forward to meeting you.

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Jim Black - Osteopath

Jim qualified from the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in 2002 and spent a year working in the UK before emigrating to New Zealand.

He worked in Auckland and Christchurch before moving to Nelson in 2008. He worked for 9 years at Osteopaths on Oxford in Richmond.

ESO graduates pride themselves on having trained in a wide range of osteopathic techniques, from manipulation and Muscle Energy (MET) through to Balanced Ligamentous Tension (BLT) and Cranial.

Whilst evidence based medicine (EBM) underpins Jim’s approach to treatment he still identifies himself as an alternative health professional and will explore fresh angles to your condition where necessary and always endeavour to use techniques best suited to you as an individual.

An avid cyclist all his life he is a firm believer in exercise being an integral part of good health and will use prescriptive exercises, give advice on training and can even sort your bike set-up.

Unfortunately nowadays Jim’s own exercise centres mainly on running around after his over-achieving sporting kids.

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Kelly MacNeill - Womens Health Osteopath

B.Ost (Hons), PGDip WHO

Kelly graduated from The College of Osteopaths, London, UK and built a thriving practice in the beautiful Chiltern Hills of Hertfordshire. Kelly is presently fulfilling a lifelong dream of living and working in Nelson.

Kelly has completed a further two years post graduate training at the prestigious Molinari Institute of Health in London specialising in Women’s Health in Osteopathy enabling her to treat gynaecological and obstetric patients within the scope of Osteopathy. A few common presentations seen in her clinic include painful/heavy/irregular periods, painful intercourse, secondary infertility, discomfort in pregnancy, prolapse, hormone imbalance and much more.

Kelly is confident in all modalities of Osteopathy and loves to treat the whole family, often seeing incredible results this way.

Biodynamic by nature, Kelly appreciates home grown food, a thriving, supportive community and outdoor adventures with her family and friends.

Further information on Womens Health in Osteopathy can be found on Kellys website.

Andre Habib - Osteopath


Originally from the UK André graduated from Unitec New Zealand with a Master of Osteopathy degree. He holds a current annual practising certificate with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand. André is also ACC registered.  He treats a wide range of patients of different ages from office workers, elite athletes, to builders and students and everything in between. 

Osteopathy isn’t just for backs and necks, it can help with headaches, digestive issues, bladder problems, menstrual cramps, joint injuries and with general health and well being.

André employs a comprehensive range of techniques to suit the individual with a special interest in visceral osteopathy which is working with the organs of the abdomen and pelvis. He tailors treatment in each session to suit the condition and the person on the day. Each patient is given the option of a tool kit of exercises and stretches tailored to their specific needs that can help one get back to optimal health and vitality quicker.

Andre Habib, Osteopath, Nelson

Marianne Vetterli - Massage Therapist/Sound Healer/Transformation Coach

Has been practicing for over 35 years as a Therapist starting in Switzerland her home country. After immigrating to NZ in 1996 she ran a private practice in Nelson for 10 years before retreating to the west coast for a 7 year period, where she also had therapy rooms in Hokitika.

With a Diploma in Massage Therapy, Healing Touch© Practitioner, EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technics©) and Energy Healing with animals she continues to educate herself in the field of the Body and Mind Connection with a high interest in Sound Healing and Quantum Physics. Marianne is now integrating her knowledge into bespoke sessions to suit clients needs.

“Having turned personal adversity into positive outcomes myself, it is a joy to assist and witness transformation and empowerment in others.”

Marianne offers Holistic Massage, Sound Healing, Trauma Release (EFT), Energy Balancing and Meditation in groups and private sessions. Marianne currently practices on Fridays at these rooms and bookings can be made with her directly 021 209 3921 or through the online services.


Kim Pullan - Acupuncturist

I’ve been a practicing Acupuncturist since 2020 after completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture). After undergoing a career change following my own health issues.

My life experience includes raising 3 (now grown up) sons, alongside working in both early childhood education and elderly care. I have loved working in Acupuncture clinics, both in Wellington and in Nelson. Getting to know people and helping them on their healing journeys. From sore/damaged shoulders, knees, backs and other musculoskeletal issues to menopause, depression, anxiety, cancer recovery, just to name a few!

As part of my practice and philosophy, I strive to both educate and promote healing in my clients, empowering them to live more easeful and healthier lives.

 My approach is working with Acupuncture, Tuina (massage), Moxabustion and Cupping. Using both traditional Chinese and Japanese methods.

If you need a positive, and caring Acupuncturist, please don’t hesitate to reach out to find out how I can help you restore and revitalize yourself.

Deryn Renata - Reiki Healer

Deryn believes in the honouring of all that is within, the light, the dark and all that has led us to this moment and crafted us into the unique human beings that we are. She considers herself to be a continuous student of life who sets out to share what she loves and what she is learning along the way, making an earnest effort to practice what she teaches so that she can lead by example, encouraging others to also honour themselves.

Deryn has a background in Performance Art, having spent over a decade providing professional performances and workshops as a Freelance Circus Artist specialising as a Hula Hoopist. She graduated from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in 2017 with a Diploma in Yoga and in 2020 completed First, Second and Third Degree attunements in the Usui Reiki Healing System along with workshops in Animal Healing & Communication.

Deryn would be delighted to support you or your animal with Reiki Healing which offers the empowerment & wisdom of slowing down, connecting and supporting the body’s natural energetic healing abilities.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Energy’. During a Reiki treatment that energy is channelled to support your well being. Reiki is a hands on healing, giving the calming and soothing effects of touch. Reiki is relaxing and activates the parasympathetic nervous system bringing you into rest and digest mode. Your being is then able to come into a balanced state where your mind is receptive to stillness and your body able to do what it does naturally, self regulate and self heal. Deryn is able to offer Reiki by distance for both humans and animals increasing her healing capacities and availability to you and/or your loved ones.

Deryn is also developing her Creative Healing Guidance Offerings which will be a unique set of healing & wellbeing tools for those in the creative fields of live performance.

To learn more about Deryn & Reiki Healing please visit www.littlebirdreborn.com